THANK YOU! I am grateful to the Tumblr community of photographers and artists who have supported my work and helped me to cross a significant hurdle and reach over 100 followers!

For the reblogs, thanks to theoriginalplant, innerlifemining, photographers-of-colour (especially for the reblog of “Green Door.Cape Cod,”) and matthewspebbles. And to thevortexofourminds for “no-edit Fridays.”

Special thanks to my followers from the paper53 community who have made their way to me via donleyjan: themazette, vobi-blog, krickeleien, jetcitystyle, glennsharron, mdmoraitis, smoothcut, and adoodlinby (I need to meet you so I can take a photo and post it!), and many others. You are a fantastic team of folks.

Thank you all for the follows, reblogs, and “likes.” — Diane